8:30Welcome Speech:
President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson
8:40Opening Remarks:
Minister of Health, Willum Þór Þórsson

First Session: Systemic and Governmental Approaches
Exploring the pivotal role of governments in setting policies, regulations, and frameworks to harness the power of data and digitalization for sustainable health care. Addressing common Nordic opportunities and challenges, with a special focus on Iceland’s unique position for advancing digital health leveraging big data and AI in health care.

I. Government‘s Role in Shaping Sustainable Health 

8:45Building Sustainable Health the Nordic Way
Bogi Eliasen, Copenhagen Institute for Foreign Studies 
9:05The Importance of Data
Clayton Hamilton, WHO / Europe  
9:25Health Data Governance for the Digital Age
Eric Sutherland, OECD 

II. Health Data Infrastructure 

9:40Data Infrastructure
9:45Health Data Reuse in the Nordics: What is Nordic Commons?
Persephone Doupi, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
10:00Data Unlocks Value in Icelandic Health Care
Björgvin Ingi Ólafsson, consultant for the Ministry of Health

III. Policy Implications 

10:15European Health Data Space: Value from Nordic Health Data
Saara Malkamäki, SITRA – the Finnish Innnovation Fund
The Need for Applied AI Policy in Healthcare
Dr. Huginn Þorsteinsson, consultant for the Prime Minister‘s Office
10:45Coffee Break

Second Session: Translational and Applied Approaches 
This session brings together healthcare leaders, researchers and clinicians to explore the topic of cutting-edge research and technologies in healthcare. Including AI-driven diagnostics and personalized medicine. Discussing the challenges and opportunities in translational science, data-driven decision making and integrating digital health solutions into clinical practice.

I. Data Driven Decision Making 

11:10The Icelandic Prevention Model
Ingibjörg Eva Þórisdóttir, Planet Youth
11:25Strategic Workforce Planning: Navigating the Digital Transformation
Guðrún Ólafsdóttir, Deloitte

II. Innovative Research 

11:40Empowering Research
11:50Personalized Medicine from a Nordic Perspective
Dr. Sædís Sævarsdóttir, University of Iceland / Landspítali / deCODE genetics
12:10Solving the Unsolvable: AI and Robotics in Spinal Cord Injury
Dr. Thor Aspelund, University of Iceland

III. Clinical Integration 

12:25Strategies for Seamless Integration of Digital Solutions in Clinical Practice
Svava María Atladóttir, Landspítali
12:45Using Data to Improve Patient Outcomes
Björn Zoëga, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset
13:00 Lunch

Third Session: Gains for the Individual and Society
This session showcases start-ups, initiatives and success stories that highlight the transformative power of data and digitalization in improving healthcare access and outcomes, improving patient care, and reducing healthcare costs. Exploring how digital health empowers individuals to take control of their health as well as analyzing the broader societal gains, including improved public health outcomes. 

I. Supporting Innovation

13:45Empowering Innovation with TTO Iceland
Einar Mäntylä, Auðna
14:00Sleep Medicine an Intervention Strategy to Reduce the Burden of Chronic Disease
Jón Skírnir Ágústsson, Nox Medical

II. Patient-Centred Care 

14:15Personal Data for Personalized Health
Thomas Bonefeld Jørgensen, Unikk.me from Denmark
14:30Empowering Caregivers
Arna Harðardóttir, Helix
14:45Caring for the Future
Jóhann R. Benediktsson, Curron
14:55Using Digital Health to Enable Safer Treatments of Prescription Opiods and other Addictive Medication
Kjartan Þórsson, Prescriby
15:05Transforming Disease Management with Digital Therapeutics
Sæmundur Oddsson, SidekickHealth
15:20 Pioneering Progress
15:30Coffee Break

III. Finale  

15:45Wellbeing Economy
15:50Policy to Practice: The Journey Ahead
Bogi Eliasen, Nordic Health 2030
16:00Closing Remarks
Minister of Health, Willum Þór Þórsson
16:30End of Congress

Moderator: Kristján Kristjánsson